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A large percentage of runners run while listening to music. As someone who used to workout and run, I noticed that when my pace syncs up with the beat of the music I'm listening to, my endurance increased greatly. That got me thinking:

What if there is a music app that can create a music playlist that matches runner footstep? From that concept came Tempo. Based on audience research, the app creates a seamless experience for runners to help them with their journey.

User Story

The design process starts with the users. I researched the potential user base for the app, i.e. people who listen to music while running, by conducting interviews and surveys, from which I derived the most prominent 5 user stories.

  • As an active person who loves listening to music , I want an app that creates playlists of songs that match my running pace so that I can run longer distance.
  • As a person trying to get fit, I want an app that automatically finds and matches music to my mood so that working out is more enjoyable.
  • As a runner, I want an app that suggests new music based on my current music library so that exercising isn't so boring.
  • As a person who runs, I want an app that keeps track of my fastest time so that I can track my progress.
  • As a music listener, I want an app that finds an categorizes songs based on their tempo, so that I can further customize my music library.
  • User flow

    Low fidelity Prototype

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