UI/UX | Proof of concept


Have you ever found yourself wandering the isles of supermarkets, looking for that one elusive item, only to find out after the item is out of stock after 15 minutes of relentless searching?

With Smart, that scenario is no more. Designed to cut down on time spent on shopping, this app will relieve the headache that is modern grocery shopping.

How it works

Smart employs a system of existing wifi hot spots inside supermarkets to triangulate the position of the shopper in real time. Using this information, the app maps out and guides the shoppers through the most optimal shopping trip, one that saves them time and effort.

A Smart trip could cut down shopping time in half

The experience

Smart notifies the shoppers when they are nearby a supermarket

Shoppers drop their phone into the holder, and start the navigation. Simple as that!

Depending on the shopper location, items on the shopping list will be arranged by distance, with options to skip any of them.

Simple navigation with direction and distance to item.

To account for unexpected change to the trip (last minute item, free Costco samples,..), Smart constantly scans for new shopping route.

When shoppers is within 5 feet of an item, Smart will bring up photos of the product to help them identify it from other items on the shelves.